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Wednesday 10/22/14

Find Max Clean (any)
Goal was 165#.

I did power cleans up to 155#, then failed the 165# power clean. So I attempted 165# full clean, caught it and lost it on the way up due to my core collapsing. Third attempt was a success. Mr questioned how I can hang power clean 155# three times, but always fail at 165# power cleans. No clue.

10 minute EMOM
E: 3 HPC (no weight listed)
O: 9 Box Jumps (36/30)

2 minutes rest

10 minute EMOM
E: 7 HSPU/30 seconds handstand hold
O: 7 Burpees (6’ target)

HPC at 135#, however I did 3 rounds of 7 BJ (30”) before I realized it was supposed to be 9. I kept doing 7 reps.

Mr and I set up abmats and started with the burpees. When we walked over, there was no space. So we had to relocate. By the time we found an empty space we had 20 seconds left. We waited until the next minute and did the HSPU then. I did one round of holds in order to catch my breath.

Then Mr and I did
Parallette Dips (feet on 12” box)

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Tuesday 10/21/14

Tabata 40/20 for 2 rounds
- BF Situps
- Leg Raises
- Plank K2E
- Russian Twist 25#/15#

3 Snatch High Pull + 3 Muscle Snatch
15#, 35#, 45#, 65#, 85#

3 Snatch High Pull + 1 Power Snatch
3 sets @ 95#

High Pulls
6X1 @ 115#
6X1 @ 145#

OHS with 10# plate
3X5 (video)

I’m trying to work on my shoulder mobility. As you can see, halfway into the squat I lean forward. This is how I usually lose snatches I gave gotten overhead.

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Monday 10/20/14

Squats W3D2

5 @ 123# (125#)
5 @ 133# (3,2 @ 135#)
5 @ 143#
5 @ 143# (5X2 @ 145#)

10 @ 138# (2X5 @ 135#)
10 @ 149.5# (2X5 @ 145#)
8 @ 161# (2X4 @ 155# - video)
8 @ 172.5 (1,3,4 @ 175# - video)

I did not want to get out of bed today.

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Holy shit!!!! @kingmorghan with an 82kg snatch!! Weighing only 50.7kg/111lb!! Love you MERK!!! Keep kicking ass!! #weightlifting #oly #snatch #olympiclifting #girlswholift #badassbitch

Now that, is amazing.

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TFW your spouse answers a question you contemplated only in your head.


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I probably should get out of bed and do laundry and the dishes and all the other things on my to do list.

Or not.

Can I pry myself out of bed and watch football with Mr on the couch?

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Saturday 10/18/14

I am on the hunt for new jeans. I fell in with these, even though the waist was big.
The shirt was a bit tight in the upper back section, so I did not get it.

I had a free $10 Target gift card from Shopkick. So I “spent” $7.42 and got back $5 from Ibotta and $1 from Berry Cart.

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Is Couponing Really Worth It?

I started couponing to help stretch my paycheck while in college.

I keep couponing to help stretch my paycheck while Mr is in school.

It is time consuming, and sometimes aggravating; but once you know the ins and outs it becomes fun.

I am by no means an extremist. Just a women on a budget.

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World's Ideal Employers - Business 2014

Oh, hi there #5!!!

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Things Mr Says

" I was feeling ‘meh’ when I woke up, but then I remembered I am getting [fried] dumplings for breakfast!"

Mr usually doesn’t share my fat kid tendencies, so when he gets excited about food, it is comical.

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