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Target 7/31/14

The receipt says I saved $14.04 but each pack of wipes was on clearance for 70% off and the Glade was 50% which is not reflected in the receipt. I actually saved around $23. I love these little pouches!

I was supposed to get $5 back for the Plum Organics but it didn’t come out. I will have to go back tomorrow to get it.

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Listening to Ben Bailey “Road Rage”

Car wouldn’t start this morning.

Had to jump it and take it to an auto shop then advanced auto parts.

Spent $190 on a new battery and I am not confident that is the only issue.

I then had to drive to work and arrived 2 hours later.

Nothing like a minor inconvenience to show you how financially unstable you are and how anything can cause the walls of life to come tumbling down.

"It could be worse" right? (sarcasm)

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Watch "Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando" on YouTube

Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando.

Everyone has a story.

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From NPR News

House Votes To OK Lawsuit Against Obama

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Your dedication to wake up for EARLY morning WODS is insane! One day I’ll try to transition to early morning workouts but I’m too much of a night owl right now. :)
therekaregoes Thanks! I have always been a morning person. When I worked at Sbux I normally worked the 5am-130pm shift (I would request it and then after I would schedule myself). I have tried to workout at nights, but I feel sluggish and lazy. Plus AM WODs means once I come home, it is a shower and then bed! I am in bed by 730pm at the latest most nights.
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Cause their mama didn’t teach ‘em? ;-)
eatteachwodrepeat I just sat there in awe. I could not understand how they gave me a message without a recipient or at least a phone number! Why even tell me then? What am I supposed to do with that information?

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"Do you want me to get that information going forward? Name of the person that called and their phone number?"

Do you not know how to take a message?

Why is this a question?

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Wednesday 7/30/2014


Hang P Clean (knee) + Hang P Clean (high) + Hang (high) Clean + Power Jerk + Split Jerk + Split Jerk
2X1 @ 45#
2X1 @ 75#
5X1 @ 95#

Clean and Jerk @ 73% (113#)
5X1 @ 115#

Hang (knee) P Snatch + Hang (high) P Snatch + Hang (high) Snatch
2X1 @ 45#
2X1 @ 65#
2X1 @ 75#

Snatch @ 78% (97.5#)
3X1 @ 95# (power)

Clean and Jerks felt great. Snatches at 95# were off. I jumped forward and caught the bar too high.

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Zoom Hilarious. My Saturdays look like this when I don’t go to Crossfit or if I’m too lazy to walk around Target.

Hilarious. My Saturdays look like this when I don’t go to Crossfit or if I’m too lazy to walk around Target.

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Tuesday 7/29/14

Bent Over Rows
3X5 @ 45#
3X5 @ 65#
3X5 @ 95#
3X5 @ 115#

Snatch High Pulls
Same reps, same weight.

I did one set of bent over rows, then one set of snatch pulls for the 6 sets. Then I increased weight. Rinse and repeat.

Video shows last set at 115#

Hang Power Cleans (135#/95#)
10 T2B
15 KBS (55/35)

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Total: DNF. 18:18 Rx
When time was called, I was starting the 2 Hang Cleans.

The hardest part of the WOD was the T2B. Cleans and KBS were unbroken.

Hey look, more cleans! Oh, and the SWOD was 4X5 Power Cleans, which we did not do.

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